Well Hello friends after so many friends asking me how to increase traffic ,visitors...

i have decide to write a small article on it,

We all website admin always in search of traffic and trick to increase ,

if you have good traffic and daily visitors then

Your website Automatically boost all rankings, Like Alexa and others

so Lets Start ......
Traffic increases mainly From Search Engines ...
million of Pepoles Daily search many things on Search engines , Search engines Can Give You Daily 1,000-10,000+ Daily Traffic

in each and every peoples millions of people are doing the searching on different searching

So now it comes to mind

How to Get Traffic From Search Engines -

1-Sumbit Your sitemap To all Search engines
2- use meta tags... tags are important part of getting Traffic
3- Post Orignal Content with your own images,OTW you'll lost some trafiic by Google Panda
5- Use Proper Tags
6- List your website in Maximum Directories

Ping To Search Engines :-

(Replace with your own website, and rss.xml its Sitemap of bloggers only, if you are using wordpress then you need to mae own Sitemap )

Traffic From Social Networking Websies :

There are Too many Facebook Groups with 100,000 members, Join the groups and post your links there, if you'll post to 100,000+ Memebers Group You'll Got at least 1000 clicks Daily

Post Links To Facebook/orkut/twitter/linkedin
add Rss application on your profile
add Rss on twitter Profile
Send Links To Digg
and Most Important Share you links on Google+ and hit +1 button on every post ;)

More Seo Tricks i will be writing soon Tp be continued.............

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