Guest Post: Nikhalesh Singh

Ever dream being an action movie star? Now you have a chance become one. All you need is your phone and this awesome app.Take shots and turn them into stunning movie clips with TechCat’s Ultime Fx studio in no time.

With Ultimate Special Fx you can turn your ordinary video recorded from your phone camera into a stunning, action movie clips. Developed by TechCat Mobiles developers, Ultimate Special FX provides the users to add various visual effects to the video is been recorded through your phone camera. Users can add missile pods, air destruction, flying cars, dinosaurs invasion rolling on to your camera screen.

  • To begin with, tap the Start button on the app’s homescreen.

  • Select one of the three available scenes (it seems more effects will be added soon), and tap Action!to launch the recording screen. Tap the red button at the bottom to begin recording.

  • As per the app’s instructions, try to record a video clip of at least 5 seconds. While recording, keep your hands as steady as possible, with the cross hair in the viewfinder kept on the object that you wish to apply the effect on.

  • Tapping the red button once again will stop the recording, and you’ll be taken to another screen from where you can specify the exact point in the video where you want the effect to appear by dragging the slider at the to select the preferred position within the clip. Once done, tap OK, wait for the app to go through the rendering process, and voila! You now have your very own Hollywood-grade action sequence

  • VIDEO Tutorial:

    Current Available Devices:
    19.06.2012 Added New Devices
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-10)
    - Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    - HTC One X
    - Motorola Droid RAZR
    - Asus Transformer Tablet
    - Samsung Galaxy S2 (GTI9XXX - SPHD710)
    - Samsung Galaxy S
    - Samsung Galaxy S Plus
    - Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    - Samsung Galaxy Note
    - HTC Sensation 4G
    - HTC Evo 4G
    - HTC EVO 3D
    - HTC Sensation XL
    - LG Esteem
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    Nikhalesh Singh(Security specialist,CEH,EC-Council Certified Security Analyst)


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