This is an wonderful tool to use if your are a security / Penetration testing person.
HconSTF is an Open Source Penetration Testing Framework based on different browser technologies developed by Ashish Mistry an Information Security Researcher.
It helps in much more information on gaining and digging information on security Penetration testing or vulnerability scanning assessment.
Some list of (webbased)tools that it contains are XSS attacking, SQL Injection, siXSS, CSRF, Trace XSS, RFI, LFI, Etc. It could prove useful to anybody interested in the information security domain – students, security professionals, web developers and so on.

Its Code name is also known as "Freedom" Dedicated to all freedom fighters released on 26th of January (Republic Day).

Silent Feature of HconSTF

  • Categorized and comprehensive toolset.

  • Contains hundreds of tools and features and script for different tasks like SQLi,XSS,Dorks,OSINT to name a few.

  • HconSTF webUI with online tools (same as the Aqua base version of HconSTF).

  • Each and every option is configured for penetration testing and Vulnerability assessments.

  • Specially configured and enhanced for gaining easy & solid anonymity.

  • Works for web app testing assessments specially for owasp top 10.

  • Easy to use & collaborative Operating System like interface.

  • Light on Hardware Resources.

  • Portable - no need to install, can work from any USB storage device.

  • Multi-Language support (feature in heavy development translators needed).

  • Works side-by-side with your normal web browser without any conflict issues.

  • Works on both architectures x86 & x64 on windows XP, Vista, 7 (works with ubuntu linux using wine)/
    Netbook compatible - User interface is designed for using framework on small screen sizes.

  • Free & Open source and always will be.

  • Tools Included

  • Information gathering / Analysis

  • Editors / Debuggers

  • Exploitation / Auditing

  • Anonymity

  • Passwords

  • Cryptography

  • Database

  • Scripting / Automation

  • Network Utilities

  • Reporting..Etc

  • Ashish Mistry Is Still Working on it and coming up with new updates :).

    Download This Tool Here

    HconSTF v0.4 [Fire Base] - codename 'Freedom'.
    HconSTF Aqua base

    For More details you can check their official website.

    I Personally many time chat with Ashish Mistry On Facebook So He always said any feed back review and suggestion is always welcome.

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