Hello Friends Past 1 day i have been busy with Playing Max Payne 3(26.5GB) Game Successfully Completed Now ..Ok Lets Move to today's Article .
I am going to discuss About Old But Very Famous PC Hacking Method Open Port Attack.
I guess i don't need to discuss those ports and ..etc Funky Things Just Google it from Wiki You will be knowing those ..:D

Come to Practical Attack first of all download Angry IP scanner

Now enter the target IP address.

Click Options,then click Select Ports and enter the ports you are searching for.
Click OK.
Click the Start button.
See the Image below for more details
Once the scan has completed a window will show the results. Click OK.

In this example:
  • Port 21 (FTP [File Transfer Protocol]) is open.

  • Port 80 (Web) is open.

  • Port 139 (Windows Share) is open.

  • Port 445 (Windows Share) is open.

  • See The Image Below
    Right-click on the IP address to bring up a menu; then select OPEN COMPUTER, then IN EXPLORER.
    In this example, the results revealed the following:
  • The Database directory is shared.

  • The Downloads directory is shared.

  • The Personal directory is shared.

  • There may be Printers shared on the target.

  • The Windows scheduler is running and may have tasks that can be modified.

  • Some Time IT Does Ask You For Password and user name Use some default name and pass like
    Admin,administrator,anonymous,root ...etc i am sure you will be able to hack victim pc easily .

    i have found many govt. pc computers able to get hack using this attack now its your turn have a happy Hack.
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