Hello friends today i am going to discuss a very popularly asked question that how to increases battery usage of android device ...
let me tell you few things that i have been using Samsung galaxy y Cellphone from past three month with lots of experiment on it :D...

Now come to the point that very recently i been able to use my phone on battery for more than 4(120 hr+ ) days almost close to 5th day with all its more than normal usage ...even i also wander how this fact open up..because we all android user know that android devices are having very low battery life nearly 2 dayz with normal usage but i got more 4 day battery usage with more than normal usage (include :most of the time net connected on wifi internet usage , calls ,message,game play audio ,video listening ...etc )

well now i am reveling the secret actually its very simple to get maximum battery life considering few facts battery life in android decreases due to running process internally

Top 7 Tips to increase Battery life of android device

1)for better process/task management use some free apps from android market like advance task killer pro.
2)kill the task usage frequently with advance task kill.
3)Try to install less apps on your phone coz few running application use battery internally.
4)clear RAM frequently.
5)disable background application usage ...(go to menu-settings-accounts and sync-turn off background data)
6)do not use live wallpaper (if u want extra battery life else you can use not a problem ;) )
7) Try Use Pattern lock you will understand Automatically why i am saying like this .

Ok these are the few things that i marked that really helps me building my battery life to more than 4 day of use ...
some more tricks i will be writing on this for this time these are the genuine trick try maintain those i am sure your battery life will increase even if you play game,watch video and ...etc.

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  1. Great article, but i have one question... What exactly is it about the pattern lock that it uses less battery than others?


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