Today i will explain details about Android rooting which is asked by many people in many forum..
this is complete guide to android rooting
1)What is rooting?
root is the super user like in Linux/administration on windows.
it is just like Administrator access on windows.So Rooting android is basically getting administrative control over the Android OS to control it.

2)rooting process?
rooting helps in uploading special program called su(switch user) which allows us to perform rooting.
Please note:"Rooting voids your device's warranty and sometimes may brick/damage your phone(if you really having bad luck)"

Before rooting use titanium Backup to backup your apps before uninstalling.(to be on safer side)
get the best titanium pro for rooted device here see details
click here to download titanium backup pro.apk
keygen for titanum backup.apk

3)Rooting is a simple process. is perfect place to getting started rooting.just install the app , start it and select from two options.

a)Permanent Root(permanent rooting lasts permanently)<-i suggest
b)Temporary Root(Temporary rooting lasts for next Reboot)

What to do after rooting? / Advantages?
First thing to do is remove/uninstall all unwanted(even default useless app) application from phone.modify the PNG's and change the appearance.
Run Scripts for performance and usability.

There is an app Bussybox which adds more functionality to android phone by adding more commands
i will post if you demand.

To know more about android phone contact me(mail/comment here), for HTC users there is lots of new feature contact me.

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