IF you ever copied a code snippet or text from the web and forgot to paste it before you copied something else? Well, all of us will have an experience of something like this, where we want to desperately retrieve those information that was once copied to the clipboard.

But since Windows clipboard will only remember the last item that was copied onto it, it would seem impossible to recover the information that was copied earlier. However, this problem can be solved using an alternative clipboard manager in place of the default one.

Today i am posting such alternative clipboard managers for Windows using which it would be possible to save and retrieve every piece of information that was copied to the clipboard

Here is a list of tool to do it....


This tool is a powerful clipboard manager which will store every piece of information that was copied to the clipboard including text, images or any other file. Clipdiary automatically loads upon Windows startup and maintains a database to store the history of all copied items.
Clipdiary is a shareware tool which comes with a 30 day fully functional evaluation period.
Download Clipdiary

2)ClipMagic :

ClipMagic is similar to Clipdiary but includes a few extra features that could seem handy for advanced users. The following are some of the extra features of ClipMagic that are not present in Clipdiary:
Categorize/organize your clips. You can also create filters/rules for your incoming clips
You can store/categorize your ideas to research fast
Assign often used text like email signatures to hotkeys
Download ClipMagic


Ditto is a powerful alternative to the default Windows clipboard manager which is an open source tool.The

following are some of the highlights of Ditto:

1)Assign hotkeys to frequently used clippings
2)Search and organize the clippings based on task or project
3)Supports unicode so that you can copy foreign and non-standard characters without any issues
4)Get a preview of all the copied items including thumbnails of images just by pressing the assigned hotkey
5)Ditto comes as a freeware so that you can enjoy all of it’s features free of cost

Even though Ditto is a freeware, it is still comparable to the two shareware tools discussed earlier. So in my opinion Ditto is always the first choice. You may still download and try all the three and keep the one that you like...
Download Ditto
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