Today i am going to show you live how to do caller id spoofing that is calling any one from any number this is the best trick for caller id spoofing and perfectly working all over the world.You can also change your voice pitch so that the other person can't recognize you.

Note:This is for educational purpose only.

Tutorial On Call Spoofing


2. Select your country and Enter the number you want to display in the first big box (Dont change the contents of small box if the fake number is of same country).

3. Enter the number you wish to call in

4. Choose voice pitch as normal (for same voice) or high or low pitch to change your voice.
5. Click Get me a code.

6. Dial the number shown on right and enter the shown code when asked.

This was secret for many years as now you know how to do caller id spoofing that is call from any number to any number .
Make call to your Friends and make them fool....Enjoy the spoofing..
Thankyou for reading :)

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  1. But i think there will be a international call may apply??

  2. Every thing never comes for free every time to earn some thing some time its better to loose something..:)

    1. hey bro i just a need a favor from u brother..
      my only n only 1 wish is that pls plss ...will teach me a email hackking of hotmail or facebook ...any 1 hacing which would b convinient or u...pls bro just 1 favor rm u ..i will b glad full for u rest of ma life...!

    2. Dear mskewlguy I have already posted many email hacking way starting from Facebook Account see the link on right side bar..also read my book and give a try..if then also u can't do love to help.:)
      thanks for reading keep in touch with DarkSite to learn more.


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