We all uses ATM to get rid of problems that resides while transecting from bank.
We already posted an Article on Credit card hacking for free marketing
Today Posting On ATM Hacking.
Now These Days ATM hacking is the most wanted Article by the hackers.

Today we are posting a small but useful article On ATM Hacking and protection against that.
Before we start lets understand how ATM works.

Working style of ATM

An ATM is connected and communicate through a host processor. The host processor is analogous to an nternet Service Provider (ISP) in that it is the gateway through which all the various ATM networks become available to the cardholder (the person wanting the cash).

The Leased-line machines connect directly to the host processor through a dedicated telephone line. Dial-up ATMs connect to the host processor through a normal phone line using a modem and a toll-free number, or through an Internet service provider using a local access number dialed by modem.

The initial cost for a dial-up machine is less than half that for a leased-line machine. The monthly operating costs for dial-up are only a fraction of the costs for leased-line.

The host processor may be owned by a bank or financial institution, or it may be owned by an independent service provider. Bank-owned processors normally support only bank-owned machines, whereas the independent processors support merchant-owned machines.

Warning:- Hacking ATM is highly illegal. Can Put you into cell for minimum 3 years along with fine 7 lac.This is just for education purpose only ,respect the law in your country.We are not responsible for any incident after reading this

Methods of ATM Hacking

a)Magnetic Reader

Here ATM hackers attach a Magnetic reader over the card slot on the ATM.As any one pin the card inside automatically it reads the magnetic information.
And with the advancement of time the with the help of wireless technology, the magnetic reader automatically transmitted the details to fraudsters in a nearby location.

b)Hidden Camera

Here the hacker use a webcam to keep an eye on the ATM users. As we all know our ATM is protected by a PIN which acts as our password so if some one have to get money after stealing our card he/she should have the PIN code too,These days criminals have a solution for this too.
Hackers enter into the ATM when Guard is absent install a hidden camera near by the keypad of the ATM from the user enter his/her PIN CODE, and again using the latest technology (wireless) and the PIN is digitally recorded and now hacker have the choice whether he want to get the details remotly or he/she will go to ATM and get the details by himself/herself.

Ways to stay Protected Against ATM Hacking

1)Do not Disclose the PIN CODE to any one try to remember.
2)If found any camera which you think not supposed to be there do inform the ATM guard and the near by Bank.
3)DO confirmation of completeness of the transaction after getting the money.
4)If you find any thing Unusual in ATM, Put reverse your pin number (suppose if original pin is 1234 put 4321).if you are having palindrome number put '0' before pin number.
More information you can find At The ATM On the Notice board.

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