This is one of the best way to hack your friends orkut/g-mail account in simple way
let me make it clear how social engineering work with this practical example...
To hack your friend's orkut/gmail account first of all you need to become a friends in orkut.
then follow details step by step..

1. Selet Your Victim and Start Chatting With Him
2. Ask His Mobile No. Nd Tell dat ur Orkut Acc Need verification..
3. If He give you No. Like 9935***086
4. Now Take Victims Id From Visit His Profile Like
Id is

5. NOw Go On Google Pass rEcovery Operation
..nd Paste His Id .. and SuMbit It..Continue Captca..
6. Now Paste His NO. Like 9807279145 Into "Get a verification code on my phone" Nd Continue it....
7. Now Tell Ur VictiM to Giva Verification Code....
8. and Change Pass...
Many People got hacked With This Trick during this past two years....Many Popular Hackers Also do this trick to hack gmail/orkut account...
80% People Givs His No. he thiks .. U need VeriFicatioN.. ;)

Happy Hacking...And Be safe don't fall in such stupid social engineering...:)

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