Hello friends Friends First of all Happy holi to All The Readers...
Today's Post is holi special.
I am Revealing Some of the Worlds Best hacking learning Books.
All these Books are Highly recommended for those who want to learn hacking easily
with complete step by step explained practical example.
All these books are free to download here

The Secret Of hacking

Download this book here
For Linux User Unlocked Download here
using Instruction:
1)extract .rar file
2)install the certificate.pfx
3)now use password :mh2005
4)read the book
This is world's best book to learn hacking from beginner to intermediate.Now you are getting it for free enjoy.

Gmail Hacking E-book

To download Click on below link
The best book to learn gmail hacking written by Raj Chandel,having 3 years experience in Web Developement, Ethical Hacking and Internet marketing .

Learn Xss Attacks Great Book on Cross site Scripting

It contains
Cross-site Scripting Fundamentals.
The XSS Discovery Toolkit
XSS Theory
XSS Attack Methods
Advanced XSS Attack Vectors
XSS Exploited
Exploit Frameworks
XSS Worms
Preventing XSS Attacks
To download click here
Hope you all like these Books.
Please Post your's review,do comment and Share these information among your's friends.
Keep Learning :)

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