Hello friends today i am posting one of the latest technique to hack any website known "Portal Hacking (DNN)"...
All the steps are explained In details below.

Tutorial for Portal Hacking (DNN)

step 1:

go to Google

Step 2:
Now put this string on search box (Google dork)
See below image
Step 3:

It will show a list of many sites, Select the site which you want to hack.

for example let us take this
Step 4:
Now replace

With this
you will see this on screen

Step 5:

You will get the Link Gallary page in.

Step 6:

Now replace the URL in the address bar with a Simple Script given below.

Step 7:
You will Find the Upload Option see image below.

Step 8:

Select Root and Upload your package Your Shell c99,c100 etc ....

Hope you all like this post please don't forget to put comment s thanx for reading..
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