Hello friends Many people asked me that
"Is it possible/can we Use Our Windows software/Application on
Linux OS/Under Linux environment?"

So here is the complete guidance that help you to run Windows Application on Any Linux OS.

To do this you need not require much knowledge on tweaking or any extra tutorial on it.
Running Windows Software is very simple as it seems.

Best ways to run windows software/apps on Linux:

With the help of these software we can able to run windows software in Linux.

1:PlayOnLinux- Download it here

PlayOnLinux is one of the latest and best tool on Linux which many people may not be knowing. The people who have used it rate this software as good as Wine, and some rate it better. This tool has actually been meant for playing Windows games on Linux.PlayOnLinux allows to run windows software in Linux environment.

2:Wine- Download it here

Wine is actually a simulator which creates a Windows like environment on Linux and this enables you to run Windows software on it. It is an open source program, and once installed on your Linux system, you need to configure it the way you want it to work. You can also visit its official website and check Wine Application Database to know the applications that it support.

NOTE:According To Latest Information

And Now After 20 months of development effort and over
16,000 individual changes Finally there is stable release Wine 1.4.It has Many Awesome Feature.
For More Info about Wine 1.4 Clickhere

3:Use VMWare- Download it here

If you are really addicted to any Windows program, then this could be the best possible way to run Windows programs on Linux. You have to install VMWare on your Linux on which you can run whichever Windows program you want.

Before trying out all these methods, I would like to recommend that you should search for Linux alternatives fo the windows programs . A Linux specific program will always have edge over any Windows program being run on Linux.

But if there is something that cannot stop you from using Windows Software on Linux, then just go ahead with any of these ways.

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